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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel-Butterflies


Common Duffer - Discophora sondaica-Amathusiidae

, Discophora sondaica, Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, Common Duffer
Native South East Asia     Wingspan 7-8 cm
It is careful to always land on some brown dead leaves to blend in with its similar coloured undersides. When it stops, it is very well camouflaged and is not easy to spot.
The species has its hindwing angled at vein 4. The variegated buff-brown undersides has a series of striations. The males have a few obscure bluish spots on the forewings above, whilst the females have a series of diffuse pale orange and whitish spots on the forewings.
The butterfly is known to be attracted to fruit bait, and is found in the vicinity of bamboo clumps..
Favourite flowers:  rotten fruit
Caterpillar feed on:  

Pogonatherum crinitum