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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel-Butterflies


Centaur Oakblue-Arhopala centaurus-Lycaenidae

, Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, papillons, Centaur Oakblue, Arhopala-centaurus

Native South East Asia Australia    Wingspan 5-6 cm
These Caterpillars are unusual in that they make noises. They are able to make clicking sounds. They are green with a brown pattern on their back. They live in a silk shelter between curled leaves of a food plant.#
and they are attended by the green ants :
Citrus Ants ( Oecophylla smaragdina,
and grow to a length of about 2.5 cms.
They pupate in their larval shelter. The pupa is green with brown markings. Its length is about 2 cms. The pupae also are able to make clicking noises.The adult butterflies are far from dull The males are a brilliant metallic purple, and the females a brilliant blue. The hind wings each have a little tail. The females have a black border around each fore wing. The butterflies have a wing span of about 4 cms.
The eggs are laid in groups of one to three on twigs of a foodplant bearing a nest of their attending ant species. The eggs are pale grey and flattened, with a diameter of about 0.7 cms.
Caterpillar feed on:

Buchanania obovata

Terminalia catappa

Dendrophthoe vitellina

Lagerstroemia speciosa