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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel-Butterflies


Blue Admiral -Kaniska canace-Nymphalidae

Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, papillons, Blue Admiral , Kaniska canace, Nymphalidae
Native South East Asia   Wingspan 6.5-7.5  cm
Very widespread from South Asia to Japan with a number of well marked geographic races..
This species is highly territorial and will chase butterflies that may move into the territory. It uses well defined perches and will bask with wings open but often sits with half open wings.
Race canace "Segments alternately orange and white, with numerous black spots on the orange segments and black streaks on the white ; seven white, branching, black-tipped spines on each orange segment."
Larva Race haronica: "Light red; spotted with black, the segments divided by blackish and purple lines ; anal segment slightly humped ; segments armed with eight longitudinal rows of yellow branched spines ; head and legs black. Feeds on Smilax.
Pupa: Race canace " Variegated reddish brown, with frontal gold and silver spots ; head produced and bifid."
Race haronica: " Reddish brown; abdominal segment with two dorsal rows of small reddish pointed tubercles; thorax angular; headpiece produced and bifid."

Caterpillar feed on:

Heterosmilax japonica Lilium lancifolium
Smilax china Streptopus amplexifolius.
Tricyrtis hirta