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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel-Butterflies


 Common Nawab -Polyura athamas-Nymphalidae

Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, papillons,  Common Nawab , Polyura athamas, Nymphalidae
Native South East Asia   Wingspan 5-6 cm
The sexes are similar though the female is larger and have longer tails.
It is an inhabitant of the forested areas and is not as common as it used to be. However, the widespread cultivation of Albizzia and Acacia in tea plantations and the planting of the ornamental Poinciana trees along roadsides has extended its range to non-forested areas as well. Albizzia, Acacia and Poinciana are larval host plants of the Common Nawab.
It is a strong flier and may be seen flying around tree tops searching for females, or flying into trees in search of oozing sap, in which it delights. It descends to feed on rotting fallen fruit now and again, but not habitually. However, when rotting fruits are enriched with rum or molasses, it would descend to the ground readily. If cautious, it can be approached closely. When disturbed, it quickly flies up into the trees and settles down on a leaf where it may remain for a considerable period of time. The males are avid hill toppers and may be seen flying around searching for females in such places. It is not uncommon to see it in the company of the Black Rajah.

Caterpillar feed on:

Acacia catechu Acacia farnesiana
Adenanthera pavonina Caesalpinia bonduc
Delonix regia Peltophorum pterocarpum