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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel-Butterflies


Lemon Butterfly -Papilio demoleus-Papilioninae

Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, papillons, Lemon Butterfly , Papilio demoleus, Papilioninae
Native South East Asia   Wingspan 10-12 cm
Very Common. It is perhaps the most widely distributed swallowtail in the world.
It is to be found in savannahs, fallow lands, gardens, evergreen and semi-evergreen forests and shows a preference for stream and riverbeds.
This butterfly is an avid mud-puddler and visitor of flowers. It basks with its wings held wide open on tufts of grass, herbs and generally keeps within a metre above the ground, even on cloudy days. It relies on its quick flight for escape.
The egg is round and light yellowish in colour.
Favourite flowers

Caterpillar feed on:

Aegle marmelos Citrus maxima
Citrus reticulata Citrus sinensis
Chloroxylon swietenia Clerodendrum paniculata
Glycosmis pentaphylla Murraya koenigii
Ruta graveolens