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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel-Butterflies


 Great Orange Tip - Hebomoia glaucippe-Pieridae

Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, papillons,  Great Orange Tip , Hebomoia glaucippe, Pieridae
Native South East Asia   Wingspan 8.5-9.5 cm
This is the fastest 'White' butterfly on the wing .Its powerful muscles take it through the air in great leaps and bounds with effortless ease and it is capable of covering great distances in a single day.
It seldom spends much time near the ground but moves about a great deal among the tree tops. However, when it does decide to descend to nectar on low growing shrubs and vines such as Lantana and Musaenda, it does so in great swoops. While feeding on nectar, it keeps its wings closed, particularly the female. In doing so, it remains well camouflaged as a senescing leaf, which its underside resembles. It is a somewhat wary butterfly, difficult to approach closely, as it takes to the air at any suspicion of danger. The males sometimes congregate in numbers on drying up river beds during the dry season. Here too, they are quite well camouflaged.
The eggs are laid on the upper side of the leaves, the females sweeping down to get the job done very quickly before flying away to another leaf or plant. The eggs are usually laid on leaves at or near ground level. The larvae are a uniform dark green and finely speckled on the dorsal surface - this greatly enhances their camouflage as it sits on the upper surface of leaves along the midrib. If agitated or pecked, the larva swiftly rears up to reveal a snake-like head that scares away the potential predator.

Favourite flowers

Lantana Musaenda
Caterpillar feed on:
Capparis moonii Capparis roxburghii
Capparis sepiaria Cassia tora
Cleome spinosa Crataeva religiosa