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Common Palmfly-  Elymnias hypermnestra-Satyridae

Bali, Butterflies, vlinders, papillons, Common Palmfly,  Elymnias hypermnestra, Satyridae
Native South East Asia   Wingspan 10-12 cm
All species from the genus Elymnias are medium or large-sized and are very delicate and fragile. This is especially true of their wings, which can be easily broken at the slightest touch. Also, they have a rather somber coloration and many are extremely rare.
The Common Palmfly is a common insect in the forest as well as urban areas. It is particularly abundant where plants of the species Palmae thrive.
Its flight can be best described as a slow flapping and gliding motion. It has a propensity to rest on leaves very often after each short flight. Due to its fondness for shade, it is usually found flying under the cover of trees amongst the undergrowth.
The Common Palmfly is bluish black with a series of blue to purple submarginal spots on the forewing turning to purplish brown on the hindwing. Its underside is a rich brown filled with minute fasciae, with a ‘thumb-print’ of a lighter shade at the apex of the forewing. Usually, there is a white spot in the centre of the costa on the hindwing. The slightly larger female resembles the male but is somewhat lighter in colour and has a few whitish submarginal spots on the upperside of its hindwings.
Its pupa is green with yellow longitudinal stripes outline in red

Caterpillar feed on:

Arenga engleri
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens Cocos nucifera
Dypsis lutescens Elaeis guineensis
Livistona chinensis Phoenix humilis