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The Dutch former Colonies


Fort Santo Antonio de Axim

In August 1503 a small trading-post was built by the Portuguese, West of Cape of Three Points, it was called Fort Santo Antonio de Axim, During this Portuguese rule it was an important trade centre. In 1515 this fort was rebuilt stronger.

The fort was garrisoned by only 10-20 Portuguese soldiers, and they, if necessary, were assisted by a force of 150 Africans allies.

After the Dutch capture of Sao Jorge, Axim remained in Portuguese hands for a few years more, a first Dutch attack was drove back in 1641, but in February 1642, a new attempt was successful and the Dutch occupied the fort.

In 1664 the English captured the fort, but the Dutch soon retook it again. It was in Dutch hands till 1872, when it was sold to the English.


Fort Santo Antonio , Axim


Fort Santo Antonio , Axim